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How to use TATEMS Import Template
Posted by Marc Ready, Last modified by Marc Ready on 03-31-2014 08:15 AM

We can do a one time import of your equipment for
you and then send you a pre-populated TATEMS data file.

The data file we send back will overwrite any data
you have already entered.

We can import your equipment into TATEMS for you
if you use our template here:

Just paste your data in the the fields you have data for.
Keep the header names the same and on the fields where there
are 3 choices such as:
'Category Type (1 of 3 types(Truck-Trailer-Other)(Required)'.
You can only enter one of those 3 types.

The only required fields are:
Equip Num(Required)
Category Type(1 of 3 types(Truck-Trailer-Other)(Required)

I would recommend using at least 3 or 4 digits on your equipment
numbers if you have numbers starting with single or double digits.

For example I would make

1 into 001 or 0001


11 into 011 or 0011

Also make sure there are no commas , or quotes, single or double ' "
in your data.

Once you have everything pasted into the spreadsheet you can send it
back. Then I can use it to populate an empty TATEMS database file with
all your equipment and send it back to you.

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