Using offline folders causes duplicate databases and strange loss of synchronization
Posted by Marc Ready on 09-20-2011 06:26 PM

Using the "Always Available Offline" feature causes extra unusable database creation.

TATEMS uses a Microsoft Access database mdb file which cannot be syncronized like
other file formats can..

Here is a simple scenario of what happens:

  • Computer 1 is sharing TATEMS data.
  • Computer 2 is linked to the share via a mapped network drive letter.
  • When computer 2 adds new data it never appears on computer 1
  • When computer 1 adds data it never shows up on computer 2.

The problem is caused because someone on computer 2 right clicked on the
shared drive folder for example T: drive  and selected "Always Available Offline"

Even if you unselect this "Feature" the problem remains.

The solution is to go to computer 1 and stop sharing the TATEMS folder.

Then reshare the folder using a different name. Ex.  "TATEMS Data"

Then on computer 2 re-create the mapped network drive letter pointing to the
new share name Ex. "TATEMS Data"

You should also turn off Sync feature to prevent "Always Available Offline"  from being
turned on again.

To turn the feature off go to Windows Control Panel and choose "Sync Center"

 Windows 7 Sync Center in Control Panel

Then click on Manage offline files

 Windows 7 Sync Center in Manage Offline Files

Then click the "Disable offline files" button

 Windows 7 Sync Center Disable Offline Files

Then click ok.

This should prevent the user from accidentally marking the linked TATEMS folder
as "Always Available Ofline. "

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