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Invalid Path message when linking to TATEMS data file
Posted by Marc Ready, Last modified by Marc Ready on 05-13-2015 04:34 PM

Are you having the same problem on all computers or just one?

If it's just a problem connecting from one computer then the permissions may have been changed for the user.  

The user must have full read-write access to the folder where the TATEMS data file is housed.

The issue can also be caused by the server computer locking the data file in an unusable state.  

Try making a copy of the data file and paste it into a different folder on the server and then try to link to that one.

If you can link to it then the server may need to be rebooted. Have all users close TATEMS and any
other programs that may be linked to the server before rebooting.

If you can't link to it after you paste it into a different folder then the file may be corrupted.

Try to copy the data file to your local  hard drive on your computer that is running TATEMS and then try to link to it there. 

If you can link successfully to the file on the local hard drive then you have a networking or permissions or server issue.

If you can not link to the data file on the local hard drive then you may have to revert to a backup or I can try to repair the file for you via a remote support session. (if you are current )

If needed, please submit a ticket to let us know you would need for us to help you remotely(if you are current on your support and version upgrades)

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