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Cost Per Mile Program file
Posted by Marc Ready, Last modified by Marc Ready on 01-11-2013 04:06 PM

The Cost per mile program below is now obsolete because we have included
same functionality and more into TATEMS starting with version 4.4.02

This is a  a little sneak preview of the
report interface to try with your TATEMS data. This is a little
mini program that just does that one thing.

You can download it here
You can just save it to your desktop on a machine that
is already running TATEMS.

Then you'll need to unzip it.  You can do that by right
clicking on the file and choosing extract or if you have
Winzip installed you can use Winzip to extract it.  

After you download it and unzip it, you will need to right click on
the file on click the box that says "UNBLOCK ".

If your TATEMS data is stored on a computer other that yours
you'll need to link to it.  You'll see the instructions when you
open this little application.

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